Our Team



Our team was started in the fall of 2004 by Jessica Sanfilippo and Dusty Brunner through the UW-Madison ASME Student Chapter. The team of nearly a dozen dedicated members competed in its first competition in the spring of 2005 in Alabama. The team has competed in places such as North Carolina in 2006 and Florida in 2007. The team competed as a utility vehicle its first 6 years. In 2007 the team entered two bikes, one footpowered and one purely handpowered bike. In 2008 the team redesigned the handpowered bike for the competition, which was hosted by UW-Madison. For the 2009 competition the team returned to a footpowered bike and placed 2nd in design and 2nd overall. At the 2010 competition, the team again entered a footpowered bike with improved system designs. The team placed 2nd in design and 2nd overall and finished in the top 5 of all races. In 2013, we entered the unrestricted class and took eleventh with our first-ever 2-wheeled, fully-faired vehicle. For the 2014 competition in Orlando, Florida, we entered a a recumbent bike with a full carbon fiber fairing that featured a built in roll bar. During the 2015 competition we entered our first-ever tilting delta trike, which featured a perfected carbon fiber fairing. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical failure during the drag race we were unable to finish the competition. In 2016, we placed 6th with our bike that featured a thin walled steel “tadpole” style frame, an adjustable, two-step drivetrain, and a recycled carbon fiber fairing and roll cage. In 2017 at Cookeville, Tennessee, we placed 4th with our bike which featured a full carbon fiber fairing, vacuum formed windshield, and a carbon fiber/balsa wood roll cage. For the 2018 competition in State College, Pennsylvania, we placed 9th with our half carbon fiber fairing for improved aerodynamics. In 2019, we placed 6th overall at the competition in Lansing, Michigan due to our innovative carbon fiber nose cone and aluminum frame.

Current Team

Executive Board

President: Jacob May
Chief Engineer & Vice President: Chase Rauckman
Treasurer: Zack Sherman
Industry Relations: Ryan Sreenivasam
Public Relations: Laura Benish

Team Leaders:

Fairing: Spencer Stingl
Frame: Hannah Fibikar
Drive Train: Ryan Sreenivasam


Frank Pfefferkorn
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering