Our Vehicle

Colby Jacked- HPVC East 2017

In April 2017 the Colby Jacked earned 4th place overall at the ASME East Human Powered Vehicle Competition at Tennessee Tech University. The Colby Jacked featured a full carbon fiber fairing, a vacuum formed windshield, an airbag, and a carbon fiber/balsa wood roll cage.

DSC_0124 (1)

  • Weighed 65 pounds
  • Ultrasonic blind spot detectors
  • Carbon and steel frame
  • Carbon fiber wheel covers
  • Adjustable, two step drive train

The Aurora – HPVC East 2016

This past spring the Aurora earned 6th place at the ASME East Human Powered Vehicle Competition. The Aurora featured a thin walled steel “tadpole” style frame, an adjustable, two-step drivetrain, and a recycled carbon fiber fairing and roll cage.


  • Carbon and steel frame/steering system
  • Recycled carbon fiber fairing-reduced LCA material energy consumption by 72% from previous year
  • Carbon fiber wheel covers
  • Adjustable, two-step drive train
  • 3D printed carbon fiber/ABS crank arms
  • Ultrasonic blind spot detectors

Del – HPVC East 2015

In May of 2015 we took the competition by storm with our newest design, ‘Del,’ which was a name inspired by the design of our frame. This year we chose to go through with a leaning delta trike design.


  • Carbon and steel frame
  • Full carbon fairing
  • Air ventilation system
  • Directional signals
  • Delta trike design
  • Front wheel drive

“Udder Domination” – HPVC East 2014


Drew, leaning into a turn during the endurance race.

Perpetual Mootion – HPVC East 2013

In 2013 we took 11th place at the HPVC East competition with our vehicle, Perpetual Mootion. This was our first time engineering a full carbon-fiber fairing, and the second year with two wheels. With all that we’ve learned from dipping our hands into these more recent endeavors, we have a long list of improvements for this year which are guaranteed to make our next vehicle our fastest one yet.

Oscar leaning around the turn during HPVC East 2013

Petpertual Mootion Features

  • Full carbon-fiber fairing, reinforced roll section
  • Steel frame
  • 2-wheeled
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Telescoping landing gear
  • Extendable carbon-fiber boom
  • Full cabron-fiber seat

Perpetual Mootion Scores – Rankings

Design: 58.3/100 – 12/31
Innovation: 17.2/30 – 7/31
Women’s Speed Event: 7.1/12.5 – 9/31
Men’s Speed Event: 7.1/12 – 9/31
Endurance Event: 14.4 / 25 – 17/31
Overall: 57.55/100 – 11/31

The Riptide – HPVC East 2012

Oscar leaning around the turn during HPVC East 2013

The Riptide Features

  • 2-wheeled
  • Carbon-fiber seat back
  • Carbon-fiber rollbar
  • Landing gear

The Riptide Scores – Rankings

Design: 36.1/100 – 25/32
Innovation: 22/32
Women’s Speed Event: 5.8/15 – 17/32
Men’s Speed Event: 6.1/15 – 19/32
Endurance Event: 17.4/30 – 14/32
Overall: 43.7/100 – 17/32