UW-Madison Human-Powered Vehicle Team

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Coastal Enterprises’ Blog Feature - One of our sponsors, Coastal Enterprises, wrote a great feature on the process we used to fabricate the carbon fiber fairing. Check it out here!

About Us

This year, undergraduates from UW-Madison’s School of Engineering will design and build a vehicle to compete in the ASME East Coast Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC).  The competition draws approximately 30 teams from the United States, Canada, South America, and Asia. This year’s competition will be hosted by University of Florida in Gainsville, Florida.

This year marks UW-Madison’s 12th year participating in the competition.  Our team has traditionally designed a vehicle to compete in the unrestricted class.  The unrestricted class focuses on utility, which takes into consideration the practical application of the vehicle, aiming to make it suitable for daily use as a possible alternative to an automobile.

One of the team’s main objectives is to create a vehicle that is a green alternative to automobiles.  The vehicle promotes alternative forms of transportation in the community and demonstrates how engineering can benefit society. The team participates in local events such as Ride-the-Drive where the vehicle has received a warm welcome and much attention.